“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.”— Lao Tzu

Monday, 16 May 2011

Going home, to Come home...

I can't get enough hugs! 
Not long ago, I traveled home to the States, Florida, to see my family and friends.  It was a quick two and a half weeks that went by so fast!  It always feels like I just arrive and already it is time to repack to go.  I think for the first time in the last two years I felt that even though I was visiting my "home", it was not my home right now.  I have enjoyed living and working in Belize but it was not until this trip that I had the strong sense that it was home to me. 
 For sometime I have been searching out what is next for me after the end of this summer, it became clear during my trip home that my heart is very much in Belize and passionate about what I am apart of with Destination Paradise YWAM.  I think a good way to describe it is this, working on staff at DP is like putting on your favorite pair of jeans.  These jeans fit you perfectly, make you look really good and feel great, you can know that everything matches them and you can really be yourself!  It is a great feeling for me to understand more about the calling on my life for missions.  I am so excited to share that I will be serving and working with DP for another year starting in September!  Many of my friends and family have already joined me in pray for this time.  Please pray for me as I keep stepping out in faith that the Lord will give me strength, guidance and provision.

May 2011 DTS students 

It is an honor to work with the students and watch them be transformed during their time here. Please pray for the students that are here now in the May 2011 Discipleship Training School.  I have three girls in my small group that I am mentoring.  All three girls are amazing and have already opened up and shared so much life with me!  Please pray that they will have an encounter of God's love during the next twelve weeks.  Be blessed, fighting for passion and truth!